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It’s Not Science, it’s Art

It was never planned to be a film vs digital comparison, but, seeing as how the setup was close to identical, there is something to be learned from this.

Panasonic  Bronica







Moriah came to the studio, with her mother in tow… on separate mopeds! How cute is that? I had seen her picture and knew that I could deliver a unique, classic look, but that I needed to be careful with light. I made an assessment of her facial features, and set the single light and reflectors to best portray her without creating unflattering shadows. We would shoot on 6×6 film and digital. The digital was shot with my Panasonic GH3 and the Leica Nocticron, at 42.5mm and f1.2 (YES!) it is, no doubt, the best lens in the M4/3 format. I’m now shooting almost all of my video interviews with the Nocticron. The Kodak Portra 400 negative was exposed in my Bronica SQ-A with the Zenzanon 150mm f3.5 portrait lens. Unfortunately, the scan is the cheapest scan that The FINDLab offers. My main interest there is inexpensive processing, and they are good. The negs are in the mail, and my Epson scanner is waiting…

And, yes, both photos are edited, with an almost identical technique. I did not affect color balance on either image.

So… which is digital, and which is film?

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