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Bring your Seatback to its Upright Position: Hana Hou! Magazine

HANAHOU 600x600

Yes, there really is a grove of 80-year old Douglas fir trees in Hawaii.It’s shrunk from 200 seedlings to not more than a dozen mature trees, but the effect is still magnificent!

For my first publication in Hana Hou! magazine, I’m lucky to be able to offer a story that not many people know about. I’ve been following the David Douglas story for some time, and in 2009 I was the locations guy for a group of filmmakers from Oregon. Their film, “Finding David Douglas,” tells the story of the Scottish botanist/explorer, who died under mysterious circumstances on the slopes of Mauna Kea. When they told me they were coming back to put up a new plaque at Kaluakauka, the Doctor’s Pit, the place where he died, I had to go there and photograph their work. I’m glad that the folks at Hana Hou! Magazine thought the story worthy of publication. Photographically, my contribution is unique in that 1/3rd of their selections were shot on 6×6 film with a Pentacon Six, an ancient East German camera. Matt, thanks for not having a heart attack when I said I was going to shoot film… or WAS that a heart attack?

Square Magazine


I’m stoked to announce the publication of a series of my photographs from Phnom Penh in the new edition of Square Magazine. Square is the online quarterly in Cardiff, UK, dedicated to square format photography, and publishes primarily the work of fine art photographers. My documentary work is a departure for them: their usual contributors are so avant garde! Maybe it’s the humanity of the people I meet, maybe it’s the limitations that I put on the project… or, the cool factor?  “Taking portraits of strangers, in a foreign country, is hard” says Christophe Dillinger, Square’s editor. “Doing it in square format is doubly hard. But so cool.” (click HERE for more)

Square 504 Cover Art

Medium Format / Square / Film



Kiko: Sophia

After I returned from my last trip to Cambodia, for some reason, I came to the realization that I needed to move into 6×6 medium format. Shooting square suits me perfectly, and there’s no comparison between small format and medium format skin tone creaminess. This image of Tokiko comes from the first roll of 6×6 I exposed in my studio. I’m now at work on a series I’m calling At the Window: available light portraits at the big North window.