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Happy New Year… Got Fish?

Honolulu Fish Auction JDDF7760


I’d been meaning to shoot the Honolulu Fish Auction for a while now, but the 4AM call time is pretty rough. Last night, it dawned on me that there isn’t a better time to go there than the New Year’s Eve ahi battle. This is it, the Super Bowl of fish buying and selling! So, I grabbed two bodies, the Fuji x100s and the Panasonic GH3 with the Nocticron, and waded in. It’s a feast for the eyes— there’s so much going on. It’s a man’s world; there are very few women around. Funny thing— many of the guys wear camo and hunting gear hats. Fisherman as hunters? I guess so. There’s ice everywhere, fish blood, pallets whizzing by… great fun! A good place to practice “seeing.” Thanks, guys, for letting me into your world.

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